Monday, June 24, 2013

Rush Hour

Apparently, Daniel and I have some weird connection to the Rush Hour movies... :)

The second one takes place in Hong Kong which is where Wallace is from, so its always fun to catch that one and reminisce about being there...

So last night, we turned on the tv while laying in the bed and Rush Hour 3 was on, so we started watching it b/c well, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker... yeah.... and its at a part when Jackie Chan is fighting the bad guy, who turns out to be a guy that he grew up together with as kids... and bad guy mentions to him that they were both from Qinzhou - which is where Willow is from.

Yall, this town is tiny by China standards, and I dont know of anyone who is adopting from there right now... its a small city on a bay right by the Vietnamese border... so its odd that anyone would decide to use that Chinese city in a movie.... :)

I just jabbered on about the coincidences while Daniel rolled his eyes.... Im really starting to feel the need to nest (like in a pregnancy) and Daniel just isnt there yet.... Im actually ready to start packing so the bags will be ready when we are... :)

I know we are going to get good news this week, so my excitement is building, I cant help it.... September is only 2 1/2 months away and our world is going to change forever.

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