Friday, June 7, 2013


Daniel has a shir that says "Some people are praying for the things you are taking for granted"

Its true... and if I think about it too long, it usually shifts my perspective back around.

We have heard nothing else from our agency lady.... hoping to hear that we have LOA/LSC next week, which will be 12 weeks of waiting - which we were told at the beginning of this wait, that no one waits that long.... sigh.

I have talked to others who are in the process or who have been in this process, and they have told me that everything is happening as it should, but our wait is incredibly much longer than most - especially since we already have PA (pre approval to adopt our daughter) - most people who wait this long are waiting for a referral (to be matched with a child).... looks like we got the short end of the stick.

So I have been weeping and gnashing my teeth (seriously, ask Daniel, it wasnt pretty).... but lately, Ive just been thinking about that shirt Daniel has... and really, if waiting is the worst of it, then we have it pretty good.

I know of others who have lost their child during the adoption preocess, who are being seriously spiritually attacked, and going through other things..... we, on the other hand, have a perfectly healthy, young little girl waiting on the other side of the world - and she has no idea who we are, so she isnt greiving or hurting or anything - how could I ask for anything else for my daughter.

And I guess it gives us even more time to raise the money that we need.

Its kind of a weird feeling to be looking on the bright side or trying to find the silver lining.... thats always been Daniel's half of our relationship (meanwhile, Im sitting back being the realist and getting things ready for what I know is about to happen).

So Im trying to be patient... although its really, really hard.   But I know its going to work out.  It has too.

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