Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We are now at 13 weeks of waiting for LOA... its official, we have gone over the normal waiting period.

Not much else to say... :(

Besides that, the kids are really enjoying their summer, and Im thankful to have a husband who is a great daddy and is willing to take on the kids all summer.  I am certainly blessed.

Thankfully, we are done with baseball now, so we can actually be at home a few nights during the week... I think we were all getting a bit ragged from being at the park so often.... but now, hopefully things will slow down a bit and everyone can get into a good routine.

Sorry... boring post, but really... not much going on right now besides just waiting


  1. you are not alone I am afraid. I have heard of many over 100 days :( But the good news is someone posted today that they are working on LOA's this week! So hopefully there is a flood of them soon!

  2. now thats good news.... lets keep our fingers crossed that ours come in! How amazing would it be to go at the same time?!