Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Friday

So I just wanted to brag on Gabe a little bit lately... :)

Yall, if you could meet him in person, you would just want to hug on him.... he is the quietest of my children so you would almost not notice he is there, standing in the background... but he is also the most compassionate and sensitive and I seriously could not be any prouder of him.

The kids dont really ever see this blog much b/c well, they are kind of aware of what goes on in our day to day lives, we keep them informed of whats going on in the adoption, and we dont really want them worrying about what is going on at wallace's school and all the drama of it.... plus, I think they would just plain out think it was boring... :)

But Daniel reads it, and one day, he had it pulled up on his laptop and Gabe came up behind him and saw one look at the donate button and told Daniel that we should give that family some money because they were adopting... I so love his heart.... he just sees a need and wants to meet it, no conditions, no requirements - just give... :)

Also, Gabe has been playing upwards basketball.... its mostly about just learning the game so thankfully they dont keep score b/c Gabe is probably one of the least competitive people when it comes to athletics, but he tries his hardest.... and after every shot in a game that isnt made, he goes over to the other player (on his team and the opposing team) and pats them on the back and tells them it was a good try or good shot.... this melts me as his mother... twice he has gotten the "most Christlike" star (everyone gets a star for something after the game) and I could not be prouder.

And wow... he is beyond smart... he is already building complex geometric shapes and understands most math concepts after hearing about it once.... such his mother's child.... and he his career goal now is to become an astronaut so he can walk on the moon.... :)  His other reasoning behind wanting to be an astronaut is because they make alot of money and he wants to have alot of money to give away to other people.

Seriously...  most of the time I am amazed that I had a hand in creating someone who is so awesome... who is one of the bravest people I know... and who I know is going to change the world one day - I hope Im still around to see it, so I can get the first hug afterwards... :)

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