Monday, February 11, 2013


ok, so lets see if I can remember what all has happened... :)

We had a meeting with all of Wallace's teachers and two people from Central Office (heads of all the schools) and apparently, we are only seeing regression with Wallace at home - none at school.... hmmmm, which doesnt really fit with the notes that are sent home every day with him.... also, the school is not allowed to administer tylenol - even with a dr's note, which I think is weird, but whatever

So yeah.... nothing really got accomplished.... as was predicted.... except that Daniel and I had to take off work, which meant Daniel didnt get paid, I had to work overtime to cover it, but everyone else at the meeting got paid for being there... nice how that works.



We did get a notice that they had received Wallace's Certificate of citizenship application, so hopefully that will be approved soon, so we can get him a SS# and then get our taxes done.

Wallace has his next ear appointment next week where they will scrape some more wax out.... not sure if this will be the last one or if we will need to go some more before they can do a hearing test

He has an eye appointment in March


We go for our fingerprinting for the currect adoption really soon... and hopefully our I800A approval notice will be in the mail soon!

I have written several churches asking if we could come speak to their church or youth group about adoption and so far, not a single response.... not even an acknowledgement but no thank you - just total ignoring.... yeah, it doesnt surprise me that Im not a huge fan of organized religion... :)

And yeah, starting to get a little freaked out about the costs of this adoption... trying to have faith, but feeling a little weak too.... we still need about $15,000 - thankfully most of that is needed right around when we travel, but since we are hoping to travel during the summer, well, that means we need to come up with $15,000 in about 5 months... Id be lying if I said I wasnt freaking out a bit.... ok, maybe more than just a  little bit, but trying to remain positive.


Happy Chinese New Year... it started yesterday and its the year of the snake (think of the snake in Kung Fu Panda, not scary, real snakes).... :)

Otherwise, life is going on as it does.... :)

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