Friday, February 22, 2013


I dont know about you, but Im so glad its Friday.... definitely looking forward to the weekend.  We have a ton of stuff to do so it should be pretty productive.

Still havent gotten our approval in the mail yet... so Im hoping its going to be in the mail box when I get home today.... eeek... Im so excited about it.

Oh how my mama-heart was missing my youngest daughter this morning.

I guess thats normal though... having experienced both a pregnancy and a paper pregnancy, I can tell you the paper variety is alot harder.  You have to wait longer to meet your little one.... while you are waiting the 9 months for a typical pregnancy, your baby is growing inside you - you get to feel them and get to know them.... in a paper pregnancy, you have to know that they are growing up without you - someone else is watching their first steps, feeding them, making them laugh and tucking them in at night and kissing their sweet face.  Our little girl is going to have changed so much since we first saw her picture... it makes me sad to think of all the firsts we are going to miss.

Thankfully we will have a lifetime to make up for those.

Happy weekend... :)

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