Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So yay.... I found out that our I800A was approved today.  So really that snag probably pushed us ahead a few days, so what could have been a mess turned out to be a blessing.

So all we do now is wait for that piece of paper to come in the mail, and then we send in the rest of our dossier documents to our agency... they will get them to authenticated and translated and then they go to China!

That is a huge step in the process... and it definitely helps the estimate that we could be traveling in July... crossing our fingers!

Although once we have that approval, then we have a large payment to make to send with our documents.... we are going to be scraping everything we have saved to make that payment which is super stressful, but I know God's got this, so Im trying not to worry about it.

Although to be honest, our puzzle fundraiser has fizzled, and not a single response from any church in the area.... so yeah, kind of feeling down about the money part, but trying not to let that get to me... it will all work out... it will.

If anyone has any ideas for fundraising, Id love to hear them.... especially b/c our daughter's birthday is coming up soon, so I would love to do something for that..... im all ears!

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement... it keeps us afloat on the rough days... :)

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