Monday, February 4, 2013


We got our fingerprinting appointment this past Saturday... so excited to see this moving along so quickly... :)

In Wallace news... Im tired of dealing with this whole Wallace/school situation.... it has left me so exhausted... but supposedly a resolution is in the works..... but Im not holding my breath that things are going to change.

Even writing that has left a bad taste in my mouth.... nothing much else to say.

Lots of prayers are appreciated.


  1. I feel sorry that you all can't work this out to everyone's satisfaction. I will be praying!

    BTW - how is Wallace's ear condition coming?

  2. So sorry about Wallace and school. It shouldn't have to be so hard. Sad they are making it that way. Awesome about the guy paying for dinner! Amazing how God works. Also great news about the fingerprints! moving right along! Mailed our I800A today :) so right behind you!