Thursday, February 28, 2013


Lannie... thank you!

As for the adoption, we are still waiting for our dossier to go to China.... estimated travel time is around September, which Im actually ok with....

As for other news, our house has been hit with the sickness that is going around... ugh, thankfully I dont think its the flu or anything, just yuck.... Wallace and Daniel got hit last week, then Gabe at the beginning of this week, then Emma went down Tuesday and I finally caught it yesterday.

Ugh... felt aweful... achy and just tired.... so I went to bed at 6:00... and got up at 6:00 this morning... and was still tired.

Feeling better, but my throat hurts and Im still a bit tired and not 100% myself, but hopefully Im almost over it.

And ugh, where is this cold weather coming from?  Seriously... its supposed to be highs in the 40's this weekend.... has the weather forgotten that this is the deep south?  We dont do 40 degrees in March... come on!

Besides all that, not too much going on besides everything... ha ha... I always have a million things happening and can never seem to catch up... but I guess thats the way I like it b/c that is what I continually do to myself... :) 

If you havent already checked out Wallace's pic at, then you should do that... :)

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