Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday again

I have no idea what to write... I feel bad for going a week without blogging, but our lives are pretty boring and predictable, so I feel like Im writing the same things over and over

Daniel's dad found out he had cancer so he had surgery this week and Daniel has gone up there every night to sit with his mom so we have been missing having him at home... but his dad seems to be doing pretty good and will get to go home before too long.

Otherwise, we have just been doing homework and work and science fairs (Gabe came in second!), new kittens and house cleaning and chores and such.... yawn... :)

But... yall!.... it has been COLD here.... Im not sure what is going on with the weather, but dang it, its cold... I live in Mississippi for a reason

sidenote: I need to get up on my soapbox for a minute.... if you live in the south, as soon as it gets into the second week of May, please stop saying "its too hot/ I hate the heat/ I cant wait for it to get cold" or some such likeness there of.... because really I just want to punch you in the face.... because you are the same people who as soon as its cold for two weeks are saying how much you hate the cold.... just be quiet and realize that you live in Mississippi for goodness sake and stop making me want to punch you in the face, it ruins my day

Ok... off soapbox, ahem

It is cold here.... like 11 degrees when I come into work in the morning... ugh.... but then it gets warm on the weekends - like in the 60s - wish is AHHHMAZING, but then come Monday, its cold again... its the strangest thing.

Yeah, boring post today... what can you do?

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