Monday, January 13, 2014


I know its bad, but I always forget about blogging... I think Im going to do it at lunchtime, but then Im usually reading and get caught up in my book and then lunch is already over....

So this weekend...

Saturday, Daniel took Wallace to a birthday party so I had Gabe, Emma and Wallace so I took them out to a local place with nature trails and such.  When we got out of the car, a cute little orange kitten ran up to us... but there were other people there so we figured he was with someone else, so we pet him and left him to go walk some of the trails.

I let the kids pick the direction first, and of course, they picked the muddiest one... ugh.... I finally got us back to the beginning and we took the paved trail around the lake/pond and that was fun.... we then started to head back to the car.... and what do we see running toward us.

Yep, the sweet, little orange kitten.

And the parking lot was empty.

So I called Daniel with our dilemma... do we leave this 6 week old kitten here by himself - or do we take him home?

As a backstory... I have a weakness for orange kittens/cats, its weird.... and Ive also been jokingly asking Daniel for a kitten for Christmas/my birthday for at least half of last year

So he said we could bring him home, but we may not keep him... especially if our old, ornery housecate doesnt like him.

Which he didnt, but he hasnt seen another cat for almost 9 years (as he stays inside by himself) and he is spoiled (but I love him! and he loves me).... he is getting a little closer to the new kitten each day, but he still isnt really fond of him yet....

We named the new kitten Oliver and then watched Oliver and Co...

So we will see, but Im starting to think he is the newest addition... :)

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