Monday, January 6, 2014


We had a great weekend... we didnt accomplish much, but it was just what we needed... :)

Saturday, Daniel and I had our first date night since September (thats pre-China, yall!) - we usually get about 3-4 a year so its very much anticipated.... and it was really fun - we went and saw 47 Ronin (which we both enjoyed) and ate a nice dinner out.  So much fun just spending a little bit of time with my wonderful husband.

And then Sunday, my mom called and asked if she could have all 4 kids for the afternoon... how crazy is that?  But super welcome and Im so, so thankful for my mom starting to come around - I know its hard on her, but she has really done a great job with the kids, and Im thankful that she is trying.... so Daniel and I got to do the grocery shopping by ourselves and then we went home and the house was quiet, which was weird, but nice....

Then we went and visited with my grandparents and picked the kids up.... Wallace acted up (sigh, I wish he could just be good sometimes), but Willow was good and was talking up a storm, so sometimes I wonder really what her personality is going to be like when she gets a bit older.

We got home, spent some time with the kids, got the kids in bed and then Daniel and I watched Downton Abbey.... I really didnt think we would like this show, but we have really gotten into it and are enjoying it - maybe thats a sign of being an old married couple, who knows...

Anyway... great weekend..... :)

But not enjoying this super cold... there is a reason I live in Mississippi!

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