Friday, January 17, 2014


Yeah, I think Oliver is going to be a new addition to the family... even Dash has started to play with him a little bit... so I think he has pretty much won everyone over.

I am so glad its Friday... it feels like Monday was so long ago.... its only the middle of the first month of the year and it already feels like 2014 is old and worn out.  I guess thats due to being already back in an established routine.

Routine is good, but it wears me out... actually, life in general, wears me out.

I wonder if Im a good mom... alot.... but I have to just realize that I do the best that I can - and although its not as good as others, its good enough.... I feel security in knowing that my kids are loved, they are fed, they are warm and safe.

But I wonder if in 20 years, they will look back on 2014 with fondness or loathing.

I guess there is nothing I can do but to keep on living the best I know how and hope thats enough.

I am taking this year back... in the past, Ive given of myself too much - not knowing how to say no to things that didnt matter... but this year, I want to take back myself and give back to my kids for being wonderful people... they have carried me through alot of dark days, and I hope this year becomes their year.

Not sure why Im writing all of this out here other than to just add some accountability to my stream of consciousness... but maybe you are feeling the same way too.... maybe wondering if you can stop overgiving yourself and just be and enjoy the moment... maybe we could work on 2014 together.

Happy weekend... make it good.

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  1. You THINK he's the new addition? Come on!! What a sweet baby!!! He's not going anywhere!!!!!!