Friday, January 3, 2014


Oh, these holidays have me all mixed up on what day it is... two days off, two days on, two days off, two days on, two days off, two days on, one day off, two days on, two days off... then everything goes back to normal...

So yeah... :)

Back to China.... so after the guy gave us the yogurt drink for the kiddos, we learned that our flight was delayed for about an hour, and everyone was getting restless and hungry.... so one of the other moms took her 18 month old into one of the quickie-mart type stores in the airport to see if they could find something that she liked.... and they came back with a huge bowl of ramen noodles... in a red bowl.

The mom saw her daughter salivating over them so she just got them... but didnt bother looking at the package or asking someone what they were.

So she brought them back to our little group and then realized that she had no idea how to make ramen noodles.... (as a sidenote, who doesnt know how to make ramen?)

So my sweet, chivalrous husband offered to make them for her..... and as another sidenote - they have hot water stations all around the airport for free (cool, since you arent allowed to drink the water in china unless its been boiled, ie: no waterfountains anywhere).... so he took the bowl and got the water and came back and asked the other lady if she knew what she got  because it looked like it was really spicy from the package.

We gave each of the girls a taste, and the other girl had one bite and lit up - her mouth was on fire and she wanted none of it.... so I tasted it and sure enough, it was pretty spicy.... Willow wanted some by then, so we let her taste it and she gobbled it up, so the other mom said we could have it.... and we had to stop Willow eating after about 2/3 of the container was gone because she would have kept going (and this was a large bowl for like 2 people)....

Since the other girl didnt like it, the mom took her back to the store to find something else for her.... you would have thought she had learned her lesson... but nope, she came back with some weird package of stuff that looked like some kind of seasoning - she tried it and didnt like it at all, but her daughter liked it, so she let her have it....

We were just all happy to have found something to eat.... we were all so exhausted by the time we got on the plane.... only to find out, that yes, they had stuck all 3 adopting families in the very back of the plane - I mean, the very last seats.... ugh, but we took it...

thankfully, the long airport wait and full belly meant that Willow passed out pretty quickly and slept the whole plane ride... Daniel and I werent so lucky (especially b/c the back seats of the plane sit straight up with no recline at all).... but we made it.... :)

Cant believe its already 2014, can you?

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