Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Oh look, less than a week and Im writing a new post... maybe Im on a roll.

But I had to write because I need you to know something about me... something that may make you change your mind about me altogether...

I did not watch the super bowl halftime show....

Because I CANNOT STAND Bruno Mars.

There I said it.... cannot stand him - no, I do not think he is hot - at all.... every interview Ive seen of him, he has been the most arrogant person....

And yall... his voice is like a cheese grater on my eardrums... like my ears are bleeding.

His music is not allowed to be played in our house or cars.... I dont think my children would even recognize his face (much less his voice) since I cant stand him.... ugh

And Lordes - her voice is right up there with Bruno.... I just cant take it...


Ok, now that Ive gotten that out of my system... :)

Besides not watching the halftime show (on a sidenote: the Chili Peppers were given second billing?!!! what the what?).... I turned on Downton Abbey at 8:00 and watched that - which I gotta say, was probably a good decision (and how very unamerican of me).... poor Broncos

commercials werent really all that great either... I did like the Doritos time machine one... and the battery commercial about the deaf football player... :)

while Im on it... I also liked the Coke commercial with all the different languages - it was beautiful and swell with a bit of pride that our family is so diverse....

Anyway... :)


My lovely husband and children got to celebrate Chinese new year with some friends - who cooked a huge Chinese spread on Friday.... I got called last minute and had to skip out - but only because a soldier was coming home from Afghanistan for good to his pregnant wife and 18 month old son - and I got to be the one to take pics.... that opportunity doesnt come around often... I hate that I missed the huge Chinese feast and hanging out with friends, but I think they understood.

I didnt realize how crazy busy February was until I flipped the calendar page... goodness! 

Ok, thats all I got for now.... hope your week is good!

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