Tuesday, October 8, 2013


So we got alot done yesterday - all the grocery shopping for the kids for the 2 weeks we will be gone.

Last week, I had Daniel go to the bank to get the money we will need for travel - it has to be in crisp, new $100 bills or they wont exchange them in China... I took the money out last night to divide it into the different payments and such so it would all be organized and I found out that my version of "crisp, new $100 bills" was different from Daniel and the bank tellers - I probably rejected over half of it... so we will go to the bank today and try to exchange those again

Also, we have to pack for the kids tonight and get everything together for them

I still have to sort the carryon stuff and get all of that in a good order.... and we still have to change the sheets on the bed and get things ready for when we return.  Thankfully, my sister is house sitting for us, so hopefully she will be able to keep everything up, so it will be nice for when we return - the non-stress of a clean house will definitely help with the jetlag to some degree.

I cant believe we leave in 2 days.... it just isnt real yet.... eeek!

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  1. I am so excited that you are finally getting your precious little one!!!! Have a wonderful trip......