Monday, October 7, 2013


We had a great weekend and it definitely helped release some of that built up tension. 

Friday, I had a picture session (with a couple who is from China and is going back soon for their wedding - how cool is that!) and I locked my keys in my car - so my husband had to drive 30 minutes to come rescue me - and he did it willingly - best husband ever....

Afterwards, my mom took us and my sister out to dinner and then she bought the kids their halloween costumes - thanks mom!   So that was a pretty nice evening, besides the whole key thing... :)

Saturday, we spent the whole day with the kids - we went to the pumpkin patch and to chic fila and sonic for happy hour slushes, and we got Iron Man 3 from the redbox.... I am hoping that we made alot of good memories and they will keep them for awhile

Sunday, we went to church (yes, even me), then to a homecoming lunch at my moms church.... and yesterday afternoon, some friends threw me a shower for Willow - it was the sweetest and we got lots of super nice things.  It felt really good to be loved!

Today is Monday and still freaking out about all the last minute things that need to happen, but I know it will all be ok... and we are just days away from traveling.... goodness!

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