Friday, October 4, 2013


Daniel and I have so much pent up stress and anxiety, its best to walk on eggshells around us - the tiniest thing has us jumping on the closest person nearby.

Dont get us wrong, we are so, so excited to finally be going to china and even more to be getting willow!

But this is NOT a vacation.... its very emotionally draining.  Being a foreign place where no one speaks your language, everyone is starting at you, your child is grieving (which can be ignoring you, tantruming, crying incessantly, hitting, etc)...... but more than anything - its hitting both Daniel and I that we are going to be away from our other 3 kids for over two weeks.

It is killing us. 

Our kids are our world and being without them for 2 weeks is like having a piece of your heart cut out of your chest.... it actually physically aches.

We do, however, have a nice weekend planned to just get some time in with the kids.... so I am hoping this will help alleviate alot of the stress and frustration that we have been holding onto...

So yeah, prayers needed.... especially for the kids... and us... :)

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