Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Final Countdown

Tomorrow we will be on a flight to detroit and then soon on a flight to china...

The kids and I watched Face/Off last night, which is "our" show - they were very dismayed that they would have to miss it for 2 weeks... :)   I reminded Emma that last night was the last night to sleep at the house before Willow got here - I dont think anyone really realized that and we were all a bit sad... goodness, my heart already aches over missing them... Im sure they will be fine and do better than us.

Today, after I get off, I have to run a few last minute errands and then home where I can hopefully get some last minute stuff done.... then we are having a favorite dinner and then taking the kids to family swim at the Y, then they will spend the night at Daniel's parents house.... Daniel and I will continue to get everything ready and we had hoped to get in bed a little early but I dont think its really going to happen... :)

Daniel's dad will be at our house in the morning to drive us to the airport and we leave at 4 AM - so yeah, early morning... and a loooooooooong day... :)

We do have pretty much everything ready to go, so hopefully this afternoon wont be too chaotic

As for yesterday - we went to the bank and exchanged the money... the teller was alright, but didnt really care that we didnt like some of the bills saying there wasnt anything she could really do about it - what, you mean like asking the teller next to you to go through her drawer?  But anyway, we will pray that all the money will be accepted with no problems.

After that, I got to go see Mr James Meredith speak in person.... he was very interesting and I enjoyed it....

After that, I cooked pancakes for dinner.... which for some reason, didnt turn out that good, but everyone smiled and ate them anyway, so I guess they werent that bad.

So now I just have to survive the work day and then all the fun starts... here we go!


  1. Have a great trip Addie!!! I can't believe we are walking this path again with you guys :). I know exactly how you feel about going and leaving children behind! Will be praying for you because I know it won't be easy but in the end will be wonderful!!!

  2. Missing you! Can't wait for you to get back. Prayers are flying at you like nobody's business!