Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Nothing new to post really, I just dont like to leave yall hanging for too long... :)

I guess the thing Im stuck on lately (since I have all this time waiting)... is picking out a name.

Its such a huge deal to me and Im even more scared to get it wrong.... ugh.  With our bio kids, we got lucky b/c we had a boy and a girl so we got to pick a girl name and a boy name that we had wanted... and both of their names fit so well.

And we didnt have to choose Wallace's name... it was given to him by the worker who pretty much raised him in the group home.  She might as well have been his mother and until he went to the foster home, he was the only mother he really new.  She loved him so strongly.... and Daniel and I both believe if she could have, she would have adopted Wallace herself.  We both had mixed feelings about leaving Hong Kong with Wallace after we met her b/c we knew it was breaking her heart (she still was so happy, but it broke her heart too)... here we were taking Wallace from the one person who had loved him his whole life.  Short term, it wasnt the best idea, but long term, we knew, it was the best for Wallace... and we still stay in touch with her and send her updates and pictures - she is now grafted into our family.  And we are so thankful that she was the one to give Wallace his English name and now he will forever have a part of her with him.

But the new little one?

I have been agonizing.  Because it has to be right... it has to fit.... except how do you give something so precious as a name when youve never met them or have any idea of what their real personality is like?  It will be with her forever.... its such a huge responsibility.

She was also given an English name - Lee... but both Daniel and Emma's middle name is Lee, and also b/c we want to keep her Chinese name as her middle name - its very similar to Lee, so it just doesnt really work.

But its so hard... b/c we will be taking everything - EVERYTHING - that she has ever known in her life... even her name... and replacing it with something totally different.  So it has to be right... and it has to be good... and it has to be something that she will want to keep forever.

So Ive been making a list of names and every so often, Ill try one out to see how it sounds on my lips and coming out of my mouth and then Ill share it with Daniel and see what he thinks...

Weve come to like quite a few... but Ive also been praying that God would give me her name... the one that is perfect.

And I think between last week and this week, He may have.

Im still rolling it around, but we will see.

Ill let you know when we decide... :)

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