Thursday, March 14, 2013


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They were in the process of adopting a sweet little boy from an Eastern European country.... they had just been given an estimated travel date of 6 weeks!   So soon.

And they just found out this week that their little boy had passed away.

Oh my heart!

What grieves me so much is that so many people will not realize how painful this must be... they will say that this was never her son or that they didnt really know him, so it isnt as bad as if he had really been their son.... to an adoptive parent, that kind of thinking/talking will pierce straight to the heart and probably leave a permanent scar.

That was their son and brother.  And can you imagine having to lose someone that you had fought and clawed and stretched yourself to get to... only to never even get to see their precious face or kiss them.... forever.


So please... even if you didnt know them.... I know they could use the encouragement/support/prayers/good thoughts.... this is probably one of the hardest things they will ever face... lets show them that they arent alone.

thank you.

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