Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Not too much going on today... we had a great weekend since the weather finally decided to be spring-like... but now its starting to look cooler again.... I cant wait for spring to finally arrive... :)

So I have been OCD-ing-ly (yall got that, right?) searching for adoption timelines so I can have an idea of when we will travel.... and who knows if all this is true or not, but if we follow the average timeline that is happening right now, we will be traveling August.


Isnt that crazy!

So July is still a slight, slight possibility, but its still there.... :)

And according to the timelines, we will have definitely have traveled by mid-November.

Thats just crazy to me....

To think my daughter will be here before the end of the year.... crazy!


Back to this weekend... my mom was super-great in buying the boys a new dresser and chest of drawers and shelf.... all of which they really needed for their room (the one dresser they had was not cutting it)

And big news... Gabe has agreed to give Emma and baby sister the bunk beds, and go to twin beds for him and wallace (which we already have from pre-bunk bed days - hallellujah - a huge cost averted there).... so glad Gabe chose this - and yes, we gave him the choice as we didnt want him to feel like he was losing everything.

But now we can turn the boys room into much more of a big-boy room with two twin beds, some shelves and dresser and chest of drawers....

Im so exciting to see my boys growing up.

And Emma is pretty excited about getting the top bunk too... :)


Life is good.... enjoying it as much as I can... hope you are too!

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