Monday, December 2, 2013


Ok, trying to get into a routine again and I will be trying to post alot more regularly now...

China was great, and Daniel and I loved it - we love traveling and getting off the beaten path and just enjoying the culture, so that was really fun... we did really miss Gabe, Emma and Wallace though - and we hope that when they are older, we can all return to China and Hong Kong - they are such beautiful places.

Willow is doing well and seems to be bonding with all of us.... the kids especially adore her, even Gabe, who is his mama's son and very much an introvert, so thats a bit of a small miracle.  Even Wallace has found a playmate in her.  She has brought much needed healing to our family and we are so, so thankful and feel so blessed.

This morning was not a good morning for Willow though...

Today was her first day of daycare... and she was not having it!  At all!

Daniel took her there a couple days last week to visit and get used to the place and what was happening and especially her teacher.... and when I took her in this morning, she knew where she was and she didnt like it.

She threw a fit, stomped her feet, layed out on the floor and just cried... and cried... and cried.

I felt bad for her teacher, but we both knew today would be hard, and we love her teacher and she is amazing and great with kids (Emma had her too).... so hopefully by the end of the week, she will start getting into the groove of things.

She doesnt like change at all, but once she realizes that its ok, she usually settles down and starts going with the flow.

Hopefully she will like me again when I go pick her up this afternoon... :)

Anyone still reading?  Anyone have any questions?

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