Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Guess what day it is?


I guess I need to start writing more because my thoughts get all jumbled up and I can never remember what I want to write about or what I have written about... so forgive the rambling.

Anyway... still taking Willow to daycare and every day that I pick her up, they say she had a great day... she is no longer crying when we get there, but she doesnt really want to go in either... I guess its all still new.  I dont know if the 2 week Christmas break at home will help or hurt her progress at daycare.

Her teacher asked me yesterday if we played outside much because she is so scared of the playground and will not play at all.  Did I tell yall that Willow had never been on a playground before she was with us - she had no idea what do or how to play.  I physically had to pick her up - kicking and screaming - and put her on a small slide... and she thought it was fun.... same thing with a swing, or even climbing up a small ladder... she has no idea... so I was not surprised at what the teacher said.... of course, Daniel and I are those mean, mean parents who make our kids do things.

We did the same thing to Wallace too.... I physically dragged him all through the McDonalds playground every single time we went there (which admittedly was not a whole lot) until he started doing it on his own.... he would go limp noodle, and kick and scream and cry because he didnt want to do it.... but we made him do it anyway - because we knew it was the best thing for him.... and now, he climbs as high as he can go with no fear.

So we do the same thing to/for Willow.... and she is one of the best/loudest fit-throwers Ive ever met.... so yeah, we get lots of dirty looks because it seems we are torturing our children.... but really, we know its the best thing for her.... her first reaction with anything new (trying ice cream closing the car door, getting her temp taken, etc) - is to have an out and out fit - kicking and screaming and going limp on the floor.... trying ice cream yall!

She will get there though.... and hopefully wont hate us when she is older... :)

Otherwise in our house...

Its almost Christmas break - Friday is the last day for Daniel and the kids at school and then they are off for two weeks.... so Im sure that will be fun.

Emma is still in cheer and we just went to a competition in Birmingham - and their team got 1st place.... we were so proud.  She really puts alot of hard work into it.

Gabe and Wallace mostly just hang out and watch tv.... we are cool with that (homework and chores have to be done before tv)

Daniel and I have really been thinking about this year and how busy its been and we are hoping to slow things down a little next year.... and just simplify.... I hope we are able to make that happen.

So tell me whats going on with you lately...

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  1. Just adjusting here too! Glad you are all doing well!