Thursday, November 7, 2013


I know I've been slacking, but being out of a routine is killing my drive to do anything productive... I will get back here eventually

We are doing fantastic though... Willow is doing amazing and is a natural part of the family... It's just been a dream for us, I can't get over it... And if this is how other people's adoptions go, then I can understand why people do it again so quickly... But no, we have no plans to do this again anytime soon... Four kids is enough for right now... :)

Willow is really tall so we are having a different dilemma with clothes for her than we've ever had.... She has a tiny waist but super long legs, so all pants look like capris on her.... So I'm thinking she is going to be a dress and leggings sort of girl... :)

But we are doing well... And we fell really so blessed and are so thankful... Especially for y'all, our readers...

I promise I'll get more regular and with pics sometime soon... In the meantime, next week, Emma turns seven and Wallace wll be nine... I can't believe it!


  1. That is awesome!! Glad to hear she is doing well.

  2. So great to hear that all is going smoothly!!