Thursday, December 12, 2013


I know I said I was going to post more... but honestly, Im struggling a bit with this blog.  There is alot I want to really talk about and dig into, but feel because there are some specific people reading this blog, I cant go into it... which makes me feel bad because I cant be honest and I have to keep things bottled in.... blech.

But Willow is doing better at daycare - she goes in with no crying and her teacher tells me every day that she had a great day... and she is even happy to see me when I pick her up now.

She still is not using hardly any english at all... she will copy the kids when they tell her a word, but she barely uses any english and will just talk to us in chinese.... she does have a really cute pronunciation though when she does use english words.  Although we may have some speech therapy in our future - she drops the last sound off every word, which is very typical for Chinese speakers, but it will make her harder to understand in the future so we try to work on it.

She is doing great, but honestly, she is about the laziest child Ive ever met - she has no motivation to do anything - and if you try to get her to do anything she will throw a fit and a tantrum... I mean like little things like push the car door closed or take her seatbelt off or hang her coat up - all things that she is perfectly capable of doing and has done before... so that becomes frustrating because she causes alot of extra work for everyone else... plus, listening to someone cry/scream for 20 minutes over nothing wears a bit on every one's nerves.  And most of the time, she just refuses to learn anything you want to teach her - we will go over and over and over and over (usually spending 20-60 minutes on something as simple as turning on the light switch) and she just refuses to learn how to do it and throws a fit... and then after about an hour of going over it and over it and over it, she finally may accidentally get it and she sees it work - that she could actually turn the light off and on without having to wait on someone else, and then she does it fine.

I know that probably sounds cute and like a typical 2 year old, but yeah, you can think that until youve actually heard a child screaming for 20 minutes at full volume, stomping their feet - because you are putting your hand over theirs to turn on the light.... and then it all of a sudden just stops

Otherwise, we are doing really well... the kids especially love her and I think she has brought alot of healing to our family and we are very thankful for that.

Besides that, we are just trying to stay warm and spend time together - thankfully this week hasnt been overwhelmingly busy, but next week looks like it wants to...

Hope yall are having a great Christmas season!


  1. Speaking from experience with a child that had speech problems because of hearing issues, the earlier you can get them into the speech therapy the better. It took two years for us to get the doctor to finally do something when we kept telling him there was something not right (I should have gone to another doctor, stupidity on my part) but once we got the hearing issue fixed which was simply having tubes put in because of fluid buildup (we didn't have ear infections either) and started speech therapy his speech grew by leaps and bounds. I know a hearing issue/speech delay is not the same as a language barrier but the therapy could really help, and the language barrier is probably what is causing the other issues, the frustration from it. I know with Caleb because he couldn't communicate and tell us what he wanted he'd through fits like that too. Just remember all will get better with time. I'm glad Willow is enjoying daycare now and I hope everyone is adjusting well. I hate you can't get your feelings out and ask for advice and I know you took this blog private for a while because of other issues (which I hated not being able to read) but is that an option again?

  2. Hey brandy, thanks for the comment... I may have explained it wrong, but willow hears fine-she reacts to everything we say and for the most part seems to understand... She just doesn't really say much (she can talk when she has to like saying please, more, and thank you).... But she doesn't really just "talk"... We are used to this with Wallace, but since Wallace is mostly non verbal, we weren't sure if it was just her personality or if it was something else

    Wallace also had/has hearing problems... He had tons of wax in his ears... It took 4 appointments with a dr to get the wax scraped out... Plus he had fluid... Crazy

  3. Comments are weir ding out on me and didn't let me finish... But no, I can't ask for advice on here or explain all the issues, but the crying is not just for a lack of communication... Actually even though she doesn't talk as much, willow is great at communicating what she wants.... Her crying is totally different and if you saw it, you would understand... We may have a good idea what is causing it, but for privacy reasons, I can't discuss it publicly... It's hard not being able to be open with such things, but it is what it is...

    But thanks for your comment and for reading... :)