Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Nothing much going on.... we are still waiting... on pins and needles. 

Right now, we are trying to get through Daniel's play - he is one of the leads in a big play that everyone is talking about and excited... if you are local, I hope you go get to see it.

Also, if you are local, Im part of the Downtown Art Walk on Sept 5 - I got paired with Deep South Pout, so that should be fun. 

Once the art walk and the play is over (next weekend), then we can fully concentrate on the adoption - and hopefully we are getting our travel approval soon... Daniel and I cannot wait!

We still have to get the house clean, stock the pantry and finish packing and then we should be ready to go... :)



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  1. I finally found a new feed source...so yes, still reading! I can't wait to see what September brings you!