Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Did I really let Tuesday go by without posting?

This past weekend was so much fun... we went over to Birmingham and visited the Botanical Gardens - I have no idea why weve never been there before - its free and its huge - we only covered about a third before the kids got hungry for lunch, so we will definitely be back... after that, we headed across the street to the zoo and had a picnic lunch outside, and then into the zoo - which is also mostly free b/c a year membership is the one christmas present we get for our family so you can go for a whole year for free and thankfully it was a warm, cloudy day so it was nice to walk around

Later on that night, we went and found the color tunnel - I just found out about this and it is so cool - the lights change and its just so pretty... we all had a ball with that!

And it didnt start raining until our drive home... so yeah, that was a great day!

And then Sunday, we layed around the house, took naps, watched Darby O Gill and the Little People, and pretty much did nothing....

Yep, and thats pretty much how you do an amazing weekend right there!

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