Thursday, March 27, 2014

blah, blah, blah

We are boring at the Talley household... well, maybe boring is different - "normal" people would probably find our life hopping, but we have settled in and so now, most days, I have no idea what to write about.

This week has been busy.... Ive been given different things to do at work which require me to work 8-5 some days, whereas I normally get off at 3.... the afternoon drags and I hate it... but you do what you gotta do, I guess.

Daniel is still coach of the tennis team... and he might tell you otherwise, but I think he is really enjoying it... they have an out of town game this afternoon, so Im eager to hear how it went

And Gabe is leaving on a merit (gift program) trip this afternoon after school... he will be living in a cabin with a bunch of other 4th grade boys for a few days.... his first real trip away from home... Im nervous for him b/c he is my shy one, I really hope he has a good time

The rest of us are just hanging in there.... :)

Several people have asked how Wallace is doing since I havent written too much lately - and the answer is that he is doing beautifully... he has been good at school for awhile now... it was a rough start to the semester, but having dad close by to administer "encouragement" when needed has made a big difference - it has also helped having teachers who actually enjoy having Wallace in class and listen to our suggestions... so Wallace is doing good.... he will move on to the 4th-6th grade building next year so they are starting a little bit of transition now to get him used to where he will go and what he will be doing..... oh man, honestly, I am dreading it!  Wallace does not do well with change, and being in classes where he will be the smallest and youngest, I just dont know what to expect... and every time he has been in a great classroom and has to transfer because he is getting older, well... it just hasnt gone well... Im really hoping for a different result in the fall, but I cant hold my breath...

On my soapbox for a minute.... please dont tell any parent of a child with down syndrome that 1. they are the sweetest child ever, 2. I could never do that, 3. how could you punish/discipline them? 4. they are always the happiest people ever.    None of those are helpful or true.... we LOVE Wallace, he is our little monster... but he is our little monster - he can be BAD if he wants too.... just like every other child in the world, down syndrome or not... We arent special or saints - we do what we have to for our children, chances are that you do the same thing.... off my soapbox

Also, Willow is doing wonderfully... her speech is coming along really well and we have forgotten how tedious a two year old and their endless questions can be sometimes.... we love it and wouldnt trade her, but for real it gets old to be asked the same question every 30 seconds for 10 minutes straight sometimes... :)

But really, we are doing good.... 2014 is definitely a learning year for all of us, but as I said, we are finding our new normal...

Any questions?

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