Tuesday, March 11, 2014

So yeah...

So I guess you can tell from the last post that we went to the beach a few weeks ago... this is the one trip we always take during the year.... mostly because its off season which means hotels are cheap and when its Mardi Gras - the parades are free.... and so is the beach.... so its actually a pretty cheap trip... and thankfully, this bipolar weather decided to be nice and let us actually enjoy that weekend... :)

This week is spring break at our house - well, at least for Daniel, Gabe, Emma and Wallace.... me and Willow have to carry on as normal.... supposedly Daniel is cleaning the house and such... but I think his intentions might be just a bit bigger than his opportunity this week -especially with 3 kids all to himself.... but we will see

And just so ready for spring to be here... so tired of the weather being amazing and then going back to cold, back to hot, back to cold.... its so nice today, but supposedly going to turn colder again tomorrow.... Im already predicting that this back and forth weather - this - is our spring.... after the last cold snap, its going to go straight up to 80 and then 90 and then its all uphill from there....

We shall see....

In other news... if anyone is looking for wedding photography - Im doing a special right now... check out www.addietalley.blogspot.com to check that out and pass it along.... we are still looking to pay off the last little bit of the adoption

Besides that, not too much going on with us.... just enjoying each other as much as we can.... :)

So whats happening with you lately?

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