Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Guess I wasnt on as much of a roll as I thought I was...

Schools are closed today because it was supposed to be icy - I came into work at 6:30 and no ice... I think the schools around here are a little trigger happy when it comes to it though - we are so un-used to the cold so everyone gets a bit jumpy.... which means Daniel and all 4 kids are at home today - inside, all day.... Yeah, he's pretty great like that, for real.

This past weekend, Emma had a cheer competition - small, hometown kind of stuff (even though it was an hour away), so me and my mom went and cheered her on.... Her team was way better than the others in her division - her team even took home the grand champions of their level, which was about 20 teams or so.... and she loves it.  Im so glad too... being a shorty can be cute, but it can be brutal as you get older and turn into a teenager if you have nothing to cling to about yourself.

I love to watch her compete... maybe, maybe Im reliving my old glory days through her, but most of the time she doesnt mind... she does actually like to hang out with me - most of the time, which makes me think Im doing something right

This weekend is one of the biggest competitions that they will compete in... Im more nervous about the crowd than Emma cheering (and yes, she is a flyer!) because I know she will do amazingly well.  Thankfully, she is also an extravert and a complete social butterfly (which comes from her daddy, not me)... so Im looking forward to seeing her do great things.

Also, looking forward to seeing some friends this weekend that I havent seen in a while... yay!

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