Thursday, April 10, 2014


So this past weekend, we loaded up our crew (+my mom and sister) and headed out to Floriday for a cheer competition...

Have you ever been to one?

They are fierce and crowded and crazy... pretty much just chaos with a bumping bass beat... :)

My poor mom's car broke down so that was a bummer, but it did mean that if she wanted to go anywhere she had to borrow the van or ride with us, so we got to spend more time with her than normal, so that was fun.

So yes... Emma is 7 and going to professional grade cheer competitions... her team was amazing.  They were one of 11 teams in their division... and for reference, the other teams from our gym only had 3-4 teams in their divisions, so big deal... and these girls are only 7-9 years old. 

And you know what?  They were in first place on the first day... yall, they totally rocked it out... I mean, ROCKED IT OUT.... so proud.... then they competed the second day and had two small little bobbles.... and they came in in second

By .05 of a point.... yall see that.... 1/20th of a point.

Every single girl was absolutely heartbroken... this is their last competition and their last time to compete as this team, so yeah, it was hard to lose by that tiny of a fraction.... but no matter, we were proud of them... for real!

I wish I could show you their routine... Im betting you wouldnt believe they were only 7-9 years old.

So yes, we were at the beach... but nope, not a vacation... mostly b/c it rained most of the trip, and b/c a family of 6 to do anything costs major money.... but!  I did have the good sense enough to book the hotel right next door to the convention center - which meant Emma and I could just walk over, easy-peasy and go back and forth and not have to stay inside the chaos....

We did get to walk to the beach for about 45 minutes and their was a park behind our hotel.... ok, we did splurge and took the kids to see the Lego movie at the matinee when it just rained and rained all one day... and maybe we snuck some ice cream in some where too... :)

It was really nice to get away for the weekend though and still so proud of my girl.... and shhhhhh - Im trying to talk Gabe into joining next year too... I think it would do amazing things for his confidence

My poor mom though... she was stuck down there until Tuesday waiting for her car... when it rains, it pours... but she made it back safe and sound thankfully....

try outs for next year is only a month away.... eeek.... exciting!

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